Simple and Elegant Design
Reliable mechanical and electrical hardware is designed to allow for rapid repair and augmentation. Our systems were built on the experience of successful designs from previous autonomous platforms from both MIL and CIMAR. Our software utilizes ROS, open source software that allows for quick, modular, and distributed design; our powerful simulator uses Gazebo, and facilitates testing of all algorithms prior to deployment on the physical system.
Robust Infrastructure
To ensure mission success, NaviGator has multiple redundant systems, a strong and readily adaptable mechanical system (including both passive and active electronic cool components), several commercial off-the-shelf technology devices, many UF student-designed circuit boards, and rigorously simulated and tested software systems.
Extensively Tested Software
With over 250 hours of in-water testing, over 2000 hours of simulated testing, and a robust codebase reforged in the fires of Virtual RobotX 2022,  NaviGator AMS is ready for the 2022 RobotX competition.